Is Integrated Marketing the New Face of Digital Marketing?

SEO techniques are evolving day by day, and to get better results, integrated marketing has become the best approach in the modern SEO industry. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve ROI, enjoy greater website conversation rates, and boost thetraffic levels too.

Things to Ponder Over

If you are aiming to build up a successful marketing plan, then you need to reevaluate few things, such as content development agenda, SEO, and marketing plan.

Reevaluating these things will show how your blogging, SEO analytics, and social media marketing plan can work brilliantly, assisting in success of your online marketing endeavors. Failing to follow your strategic plan will prevent you from executing things properly.

Be Creative and Unique

You need to be creative when narrating the story around your product or brand, to be able to communicate effectivelywith your clients. Once the story has been created, you need to give the right message to gather customer’s attention across all platforms and mediums like social media, emails, and blogs. An effective SEO campaign should focus on user experience, social media, link building, and content marketing at the same time, because all the aspects are equally crucial.

You need to devisea strong content plan; use Google Trends to compare primary products and see what’s buzzing on the Internet.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social media is the most powerful ways to increase your online presence. Pinterest is good to start with, but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This idea is highly segmented and highly visual to be successful. On YouTube, you can create and upload videos, promoting or sharing it on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Leveraging the Power of YouTube LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter

Through YouTube’s video marketing campaigns, there are high chances of getting top rankings given that your website and video has been properly optimized.  If you are in B2B business, then LinkedIn can help you in many ways. Twitter and Facebook are great to get ideas and discover what customers want, and build a rapport with them.

A Unified Customer-Centric Approach

Integrated marketing is all about customer-centric, unified message; the content of your site should be helpful for viewer, making a great user experience.

Contribute Guest Posts

Contributing guest posts on top blogs relevant to your website’s target niche can be a great way too. Search engines are always looking for those sites or results that match user’s queries and provide relevant content.So, you need to share your content on social media and communicate and engage the audience through your posts on social platforms, such as G+, Facebook, and Twitter.

On the whole, integrated marketing would certainly be the way to go, especially looking at the way people are going gaga over social networks.

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