4 Crucial White-Hat SEO Elements in the Post-Penguin Era

Recent updates have changed the SEO world radically. We know that content is the main aspect and when you speak of an inbound link, it has to be a relevant, and quality link for promoting the webpage.

Quality links coming from authoritative web pages will boost PageRank and it is also important that you understand the latest search engine optimization techniques. Here are 5 crucial white-hat techniques to be followed in order to boost your search results in the post-Penguin era.

Creating Unique, Compelling Titles and Using the Keywords Wisely

You need to create unique title tag for every webpage. You should also try including keywords in Meta tags, title tags, and wherever you can. But, you need to give high priority to readability. It is important that you build quality content in order to get maximum traffic.

Creating Sitemaps for Readers as well as Search Engines

You need to create sitemap.xml as it is the best way to get your webpages indexed by search engines. If you’re using a WordPress blog, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin can get the job done with just a click of a button.

Internal Links and Guest Posting

It is important to have links from other quality websites, and the easiest approach is to contribute guest posts to such reputed blogs.

However, bloggers concentrate more on getting links from other websites, but it is also important for you to learn the power of internal links at the same time.

Internal links can tremendously help you in increasing total backlink count of your domain. These contextual links will add value to your website and allow users to go through inner pages seamlessly, and boost your SERPs for target keywords at the same time.

Therefore, you need to get the right mix of backlinks generated through guest posts as well as internal links.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media in the Right Manner

It is important that you get social media awareness in order to drive good enough traffic to your website and gain better search engine results. Start online conversation that increases the brand awareness and allow you to create links naturally.

These white hat SEO techniques can certainly improve your site’s performance in lights on the latest Google updates, and help you gain greater visibility on the Internet.

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